Introducing Optix: A New Era of Road Safety and Innovation

DriveRisk rebrands to Optix, Enhancing Road Safety and Innovation


In a journey of growth and change since its inception 23 years ago, DriveRisk has undergone significant transformations, driven by advancements in in-cab technology and expansion into more than 40 countries worldwide. As customer needs and requirements have evolved, so have we embraced change and growth to better serve our customers.

In response to these shifts, effective May 2023 DriveRisk will globally rebrand to Optix.

The Optix Vision: 360-Degree Road Safety


The name “Optix” embodies our commitment to providing a comprehensive view of road safety through cutting-edge technology, innovative solutions and world-class services. With this rebrand, we move closer to realising our vision of being a constantly evolving organisation. By leveraging vast amounts of local and international data, we strive to empower all stakeholders, from drivers and fleet managers to senior executives, to make informed, proactive decisions that enhance one’s fleet performance, reputation and profitability while ensuring everyone arrives “Safely Home”.

A Smooth Transition to Optix


Optix, a new name with the same industry-leading solutions, including:

  • DriveCam
  • DriveAlert+
  • Lytx Hub
  • Mobileye
  • DriveReport
  • Vantage 

Embracing the Future Together


Our rebrand to Optix represents our unwavering dedication to driving change and ensuring all road users reach their destinations safely. We are excited to continue making a difference together and look forward to getting all road users Safely Home.