We’ve helped over 700 customers and counting, with fleets ranging from 1 to 1000+ vehicles, across Africa, the Middle East and Australasia.

About Optix

Optix, founded in 2000, is a global technology pioneer focused on improving road safety, by reducing on-road risks for fleet operators and the general public at large, using leading technology to proactively identify potential risks as well as providing a sustainable, internationally recognised behaviour-changing coaching platform.

Our industry esteemed driver safety coaching programme identifies over 65 risky driving behaviours, empowering fleet operators with the ability to proactively take the necessary steps to reduce and eliminate these risky behaviours, while being able to monitor driver improvements. Optix currently serves customers across multiple industry types in over 40 countries throughout Africa, the Middle East and Australasia.

We’re a dedicated team committed to reducing on-road risk for fleet operators and the driver community by developing and providing risk-identifying information coupled with world-class behaviour-changing solutions and preventative forecasting, enabling fleet operators to establish optimal, accountable and structured fleet and driver management solutions.

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What We Stand For

We all need to work harder to achieve global driver safety, particularly across commercial fleets. To ensure we’re able to track, analyse and improve risky driving behaviours consistently, Optix is proud to deliver world class solutions that identify over 65 risky driving behaviours, with seamless integration capabilities and industry-leading technology, backed by a team of road safety experts. No other driver safety solution protects your assets and our roads like Optix

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Why Optix?


Improve Efficiency

Optimise productivity through
preventative procedures and


Reduce Accidents

Reduce accidents with proactive
driver risk management and
predictive analytics


Improve Driving

Improve driver performance with
regular, sustainable and engaging
driver coaching



Reduce operation costs and
insurance claims while optimising
your fleet




Over 20 years experience as
the industry leader


Payment Options

Flexible payment options to
suit one’s budget



Leading state-of-the-art


Brand Reputation

Improve brand reputation by
reducing accidents and driving a
safer overall company culture

Data-Driven Message

The Optix Team are dedicated and focused on data developments as well as ensuring the ease of data visualisation through our Business Intelligence (BI) suite. The ongoing development of our data warehouse and business intelligence is aimed at equipping our clients and staff to use data as a tool versus a byproduct of rolling out risk mitigation technology.

Company-Driven Message

Optix is committed to reducing the on-road risk exposure of our customers. Our core focus is understanding the behavioural risks of drivers, highlighting these risks to our customers, and providing the mechanism for behaviour change through our internationally recognised driver coaching platform. Not only do our customers understand their risk, but they are also aware of how they rank against their peers in their industry and more importantly how to mitigate their risks.

The data gathered by our technology not only provides our customers with insights into the behavioural risks within their fleet but also provides fleet operators with rich data that assists with making better informed risk-based decisions to prevent unwanted and risky incidents. We’ll continue striving to provide our customers with deeper and richer insights that will change one’s understanding of risks, while providing immediate visibility through our business intelligence platforms.

The Optix Process

The services in the below diagram are dependent on which solution/product you implement

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Captures events that may be risky

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Driver uses feedback to improve
driving habits

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Customer reviews the event along with the
driver in a coaching session

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Information is sent to the Lytx Cloud

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Events are analysed using AI, and
highly trained professionals, with
each behaviour tagged accordingly

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Events are prioritised and sent to
the customer

Across The World

Our solutions assist fleets across the globe

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